Most romantic character on Game of Thrones

I’m a huge fan of HBO’s Game of Thrones. Since there is no new episode this week, I need to write about it to get my fix. Romantic love is a luxury in the world of Game of Thrones, at least among the high borns. They are betrothed to each other against their wills. Every marriage is about power, legacy, or family honor. The only not so twisted TV romantic pairings that viewers have seen so far are Jon Snow-Ygritte, Robb-Talisa, Tyrion-Shae. I don’t know if I should put Daenerys-Drogo under this category cause Daenerys didn’t enter into this marriage by free will, and don’t even get me started on Cersei and Jamie (I’m okay with Jamie and Brienne, though).

I know many people ship Jon Snow and Ygritte, but I don’t like her AT ALL. Okay, it’s maybe cute to hear, “You know nothing, Jon Snow,” once in a while, but hearing it EVERY TIME she comes on screen is just annoying. I know it’s your catchphrase already. Just shut up! I like Jon Snow as a character, but her? Meh. This Robb-Talisa thing doesn’t please me either. I think their wedding vow is really cool, but throughout the series we’ve been told Robb is like Ned Stark. He is dutiful and loyal and a great leader. Breaking a promise to the Freys and risking victory and lives of his people to marry this paramedic woman is just way too out of character for him. I’m not saying it’s wrong to pursuit true love in real life. I’m just saying Robb wouldn’t have gone through with it if he was in his right mind.

If you don’t know it already, I love Tyrion. He’s my favorite male character in GoT (Tywin is second. He is sooo badass like Arnold in my novel), but I don’t like Shae with him. Shae is cool to have been watching over poor Sansa, but when it comes to her relationship with Tyrion, I just think she comes off as too possessive and ungrateful for a woman of her standing IN THAT WORLD. I don’t understand what she’s expecting. To marry Tyrion and be a Lannister lady? She was a prostitute when we first met her. She chose to still in King’s Landing when she had the chance to leave. She knew exactly what she was in for. How could she be pissed off when Tyrion is forced to marry Sansa? By the way, I really hope Tyrion-Sansa can happen one day. I don’t hate Sansa like my friend does. I feel bad for her, and I hope she can one day realize a prince can come in all sizes.

Enough of talking about characters that I don’t like, so who’s the most romantic character in GoT in my eyes?

(Drumroll please)


Ser JORAH!!!

I know he’s like a million years older than Dany. I know at first he sold information to Robert and betrayed her when she was nothing but a child bride, but I love that he eventually fell in love with her as she took control of her fate and grew stronger and more confident! He’s not some lame ass guy who is only attracted to victims to extend his masculinity to overpower her. Jorah loves a kickass woman! I’m not a book reader of the series, so just by guessing from the show, I’m pretty sure he has been “friend-zoned”. Dany might have seen him as a fatherly figure at first. Now as she’s getting more Queen-like by every episode and is constantly demonstrating her leadership and wisdom, I think she sees him more as an aide. Perhaps she’s aware of his affection, not just loyalty, for her, she doesn’t feel the same way. The most romantic part is how he is completely okay with it as long as he can be the man she trusts most on earth and be there for her whenever she needs him. This is the form of love that I don’t think I can ever master.

Most people think the part when he tells Dany, ” I would die for you. I will never abandon you. I’m sworn to protect you, to serve,” is the most romantic. I think most people in love make promises like that until these promises are broken. What I consider the most heart-warming is a few episode ago when Ser Barristan asks him, “Do you believe in her?” he turns around admiring her from afar and says,

“With all my heart.”

This look makes me go, "awwww..."

This look makes me go, “awwww…”

The admiration of Jorah for Dany triggers the inner feminist in me. As a woman who knows what she wants, having a wise guy who believes in you and supports you by your side is very important. Sometimes in the pursuit of what you want (like the Irony Throne for Dany), one is doomed to run into obstacles that make you question yourself. You may lose faith for a little bit. You don’t need a guy to do everything for you (Dany is a big girl now. She’s just had BBQ slave masters as dinner). You need a listener, a true friend to remind you how awesome you are until you find your strength again.



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