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Nicky English is a journalist, an educator, a podcaster, a couch potato, a dreamer, and a child at heart. Learning is her passion, so is the English language, which she believes is the tool to unlock the door of knowledge. Born in Hong Kong, she received intensive writing training at The University of Iowa, where she double-majored in journalism and political science. Apart from the Hawkeye State, she’s lived in Chicago and Philadelphia. When she was a guest student at Georgetown University, she fell in love with Washington, D.C. She also has a Master of Arts in Communication. A little side note—she cannot imagine a world without her Mac and iDevices. Like many crazy ones, she hopes to change the world one day at a time.

My journey of learning English as a second language

People often think I grew up speaking/writing English like this, which is so not true. I’ve come a long way from being born to parents who speak ZERO English to this. I recalled many years ago when I first began … Continue reading

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Ghost from the past suddenly comes back

Two weeks ago I got a Facebook friend request from my ex from 5 years ago. My heart skipped a bit. I didn’t think this day would come. He was the only guy who didn’t at least try to knock … Continue reading

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I have decided to seek help for my PhD “depression”

This post is long overdue. I have been unable to write anything that is unrelated to work/PhD for a while. I have lost motivations in many things that I used to love for about two months. I am not sad-sad … Continue reading

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Don’t let the same person hurt you three times

I was hurt by someone who i thought was my best friend twice in two weeks. The first time he did that I was upset, but I valued our friendship enough to not hold any grudge against him because I … Continue reading

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Things I have learned in the past month:

Things I have learned in the past month: 1. You don’t need anyone to survive. 2. No one is irreplaceable in your life but your family. 3. Friends drift apart but you can always make new ones. 4. Girlfriends are … Continue reading

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True love test (when it is over)

On the course of our romantic pursuit, we will encounter many people. Some we like. Some we love. Some we love gently. Some we love deeply. Some seem like love. Some are great loves. I believe that even if a … Continue reading

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The Hunger Games is the best YA series to date

Sorry I haven’t posted for so long. I was dealing with some intense professional and personal issues. I had been writing a lot for myself as therapy, but I just haven’t been in the mood to write something for everyone … Continue reading

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