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Strength and femininity

New Zealand is one of the most gender equal places I’ve been to, more so than America. It makes sense because it was the first country to give women the right to vote. In the past three months, I’ve made a … Continue reading

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Lessons learned from being sick for a week

I got the worst tonsillitis recurrence this past week. In fact, I only began to feel better today, yet I’m still on a liquid diet today because I’ve completely lost my appetite due to the difficulty of swallowing (no pun intended) … Continue reading

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A 10-year delay to prom

I have always envied American kids because they get to have dances and proms and homecoming where girls get to wear gorgeous gowns. Too bad the tradition did not extend to college unless you belong to a sorority, which I … Continue reading

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Mycroft Holmes: the man I could only wish to become

Every true TV fan on Earth is suffering serious withdrawals. The wonderful Sherlock bid goodbye to us after gracing our TV/computer screens for merely THREE weeks. Instead of going to AA meetings, many of my friends who are also hooked … Continue reading

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The forgotten New Year resolution

I totally forgot about that cuz I made this promise on Dec 30: Once I’ve arrived in the new city, I’ll chat up at least one cute guy every week. I’ll be brave and introduce myself with confidence even if we … Continue reading

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Can you forgive?

Someone I was once very close to reached out to me for a favor recently. It was not a big deal. That person only needed my insight before making a life decision. I gave my honest opinion on that matter, … Continue reading

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The only thing constant in life

It is Black Friday today, and I couldn’t help but have to (right, I just “had to” do it) check out all those discounted purses on I was so excited to see the daydreamer bag that I wanted sooo … Continue reading

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