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Ghost from the past suddenly comes back

Two weeks ago I got a Facebook friend request from my ex from 5 years ago. My heart skipped a bit. I didn’t think this day would come. He was the only guy who didn’t at least try to knock … Continue reading

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Hey little fighter, soon it will be brighter

I need to write because I’m experiencing the darkest time line since I’ve moved to Auckland. I had been so happy and excited about my new life every day for the the past 3 months until last week. I thought … Continue reading

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Strength and femininity

New Zealand is one of the most gender equal places I’ve been to, more so than America. It makes sense because it was the first country to give women the right to vote. In the past three months, I’ve made a … Continue reading

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My mysterious accent

I finally got an objective analysis of my accent. For the longest time, I haven’t been able to pinpoint my own accent. Before I turned 18, I had a very topical Hong Kong accent because I just didn’t know better. I … Continue reading

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Having kids is a selfish act

I think the natural state of life is sadness. If we all sit there and do nothing, we will eventually die of starvation. To survive, we need to make sacrifice, either our time to enjoy life or even our dignity, … Continue reading

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Justice is served

Last week I took 20 mins of my precious time to write the below angry email to HongKong Post (the government postal service in Hong Kong) because of a HK$1.7 (US$0.21) stamp. Some Facebook friend said it wasn’t worth my time. … Continue reading

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Despite me fancying myself a smart woman, I have always been very clumsy. I have never been the quiet, delicate type of girl. I am very good at memorising things and have girly taste, but I’m terribly absent-minded and tomboyish … Continue reading

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