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The Hunger Games is the best YA series to date

Sorry I haven’t posted for so long. I was dealing with some intense professional and personal issues. I had been writing a lot for myself as therapy, but I just haven’t been in the mood to write something for everyone … Continue reading

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Hey little fighter, soon it will be brighter

I need to write because I’m experiencing the darkest time line since I’ve moved to Auckland. I had been so happy and excited about my new life every day for the the past 3 months until last week. I thought … Continue reading

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A few weeks ago I was very worried about my medical exam. I was afraid I wouldn’t pass because of my heart condition. If I didn’t pass, my visa application would drag on forever. I was so worried that I … Continue reading

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No one can bully me ever again

I landed my second victory in a week. Earlier this week I wrote about how I got my $1.7 refund on a stamp with my well-documented angry letter to the postal service. I took my pursuit of justice to the … Continue reading

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Justice is served

Last week I took 20 mins of my precious time to write the below angry email to HongKong Post (the government postal service in Hong Kong) because of a HK$1.7 (US$0.21) stamp. Some Facebook friend said it wasn’t worth my time. … Continue reading

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He was right. I was right.

I have posted this speech before, but what happened today reminded me of this amazing video, and I just feel so strongly that I ought to share it again. I remember at the darkest time, I sought advice from my … Continue reading

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Quotes that changed my life

One of the things I love about Facebook and Pinterest is the unlimited amount of great quotes being shared every day. I’m like a motivation quote sharing machine, always sharing words of wisdom that I found inspiring or coming up … Continue reading

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