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No one can bully me ever again

I landed my second victory in a week. Earlier this week I wrote about how I got my $1.7 refund on a stamp with my well-documented angry letter to the postal service. I took my pursuit of justice to the … Continue reading

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What’s the difference between men and women

this page is freaking awesome!!!!!

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Justice is a right, not a privilege

Last night, 100,000 of us spoke again. Anyone would think this photo was taken at a rock concert. Only in Hong Kong, an angry protest could be conducted in such an orderly manner. I’m proud of us but ashamed of … Continue reading

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So I joined a 120,000-strong peaceful sit-in protest

I didn’t do it for politics. I did it for justice. I did it for freedom. I did it so that I could still believe in what I say when I tell my students to believe in dreams. Please don’t … Continue reading

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Beyonce is such a feminist

If I were a women’s studies scholar, I’d totally study how Beyonce affects girls across the world and the feminist ideals in her songs.

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People don’t buy what you do but why you do it

Stories of HKTV employees rooting for their boss Ricky Wong despite the layoff resulted from the cruel banishment from the Hong Kong government are touching hearts across this small city. This sort of reaction from employees are not only rarely … Continue reading

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My heart aches so bad

What has my city become? Ten years have passed, I didn’t think I would feel such a strong urge to take my frustrations to the street again. This increasingly totalitarian government has crossed the line on a seemingly minor issue. … Continue reading

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