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Justice is served

Last week I took 20 mins of my precious time to write the below angry email to HongKong Post (the government postal service in Hong Kong) because of a HK$1.7 (US$0.21) stamp. Some Facebook friend said it wasn’t worth my time. … Continue reading

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The only thing constant in life

It is Black Friday today, and I couldn’t help but have to (right, I just “had to” do it) check out all those discounted purses on I was so excited to see the daydreamer bag that I wanted sooo … Continue reading

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What’s the difference between men and women

this page is freaking awesome!!!!!

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Dress hunting: Girls will always be girls

In preparation for my super causal, super laid-back book signing to be held on Father’s Day afternoon, I encountered a moral dilemma: should I dress up for it? If you’ve been reading this blog long enough, or if you actually … Continue reading

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How romantic comedies have screwed up my world view

Among all the movie genres, romantic comedy is my favorite. Anything produced after 2000, you name it, I’ve seen it. Same thing goes with anything with Jennifer Anniston in it (except for Friends. I hate Friends). As much as I … Continue reading

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The joy of living with my mom

I can’t stress enough. In the Asian culture, living with your parents does not make one a loser. Most kids never leave their parents until they get married. Some don’t even move out after they get married. Most of my … Continue reading

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Sales tactics I love and hate

I LOVE SHOPPING, especially for clothes. I’m the type of girl who would care less about what I eat. I’m perfectly happy with McDonald’s (OK.. I lied, I actually prefer McCafe, but you get the point), but I cant tolerate … Continue reading

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