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No one can bully me ever again

I landed my second victory in a week. Earlier this week I wrote about how I got my $1.7 refund on a stamp with my well-documented angry letter to the postal service. I took my pursuit of justice to the … Continue reading

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Rejecting Phd offer

I finally brought myself to reject the PhD offer of my favorite school because of funding. I’ve been aware for quite sometime that it would have to come down to this, but I just couldn’t reject it because sending the email … Continue reading

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Lost my voice…again

I lost my voice today half way through my six-hour lecture. It reminds me of why I gave up teaching in the first place two years ago, but now that I’m again aware of the pain and distress, I still … Continue reading

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I became that kind of woman

When I was about 14, like Penny on The Big Bang Theory and every other 14-year-old, I dreamed of becoming a big movie star/singer/Hannah Montana/whatever. You get it. Fortunately, that dream was soon replaced by a way more practical dream … Continue reading

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Mycroft Holmes: the man I could only wish to become

Every true TV fan on Earth is suffering serious withdrawals. The wonderful Sherlock bid goodbye to us after gracing our TV/computer screens for merely THREE weeks. Instead of going to AA meetings, many of my friends who are also hooked … Continue reading

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I was right. I belong in a university classroom.

I gave my first master’s level lecture today. As predicted by my friend, many students (including the security guard) mistook me as a student. The girls told me they didn’t think their lecturer would be so “funny, fashionable, young and … Continue reading

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Feeling overwhelmed

Sometimes I feel like I suck at what I do and I’m a complete loser. Like me being anyone’s inspiration is just a joke. I hope this feeling will go away. Soon. It has to. Please. Go away.

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