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The Hunger Games is the best YA series to date

Sorry I haven’t posted for so long. I was dealing with some intense professional and personal issues. I had been writing a lot for myself as therapy, but I just haven’t been in the mood to write something for everyone … Continue reading

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Hey little fighter, soon it will be brighter

I need to write because I’m experiencing the darkest time line since I’ve moved to Auckland. I had been so happy and excited about my new life every day for the the past 3 months until last week. I thought … Continue reading

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Inspiration for sequel

If Florid Eyes: A Novel is about bravery, fighting for what you believe and the soul mate connection, the sequel will be about resilience, the rebuilding of one’s faith and the multiple soul mate theory.

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Aren’t we all self-torturing souls

I am literally just done crying as I’m writing this. No. No boy broke my heart this time. I’m simply flabbergasted by how much I was touched by John Green’s bestseller The Fault in Our Stars. I have seen that … Continue reading

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I became that kind of woman

When I was about 14, like Penny on The Big Bang Theory and every other 14-year-old, I dreamed of becoming a big movie star/singer/Hannah Montana/whatever. You get it. Fortunately, that dream was soon replaced by a way more practical dream … Continue reading

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I was right. I belong in a university classroom.

I gave my first master’s level lecture today. As predicted by my friend, many students (including the security guard) mistook me as a student. The girls told me they didn’t think their lecturer would be so “funny, fashionable, young and … Continue reading

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Florid Eyes: A Novel…Many days later

This is a small scene that I wrote during the Christmas holiday for the sequel of my debut novel Florid Eyes: A Novel. Not sure if these exact words would appear in the book, but that’s the way to go. Again, … Continue reading

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