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I was right. I belong in a university classroom.

I gave my first master’s level lecture today. As predicted by my friend, many students (including the security guard) mistook me as a student. The girls told me they didn’t think their lecturer would be so “funny, fashionable, young and … Continue reading

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Growing from our mistakes

After my first solitary drive yesterday around the neighbourhood, I decided to drive to somewhere farther away from home tonight after dinner. I didn’t really have a route in mind. I just wanted to wander around and get familiarise with … Continue reading

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Found potential PhD supervisors

I haven’t been updating my readers much on my crusade for a PhD. The thing is, not much has happened other then waiting. I emailed two top schools in Australia my masterpiece proposal #cough# two weeks ago. I’ve been fully … Continue reading

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A major buzzkill: parenting

As a person who prides herself for being a chatter box, I do find certain topics a buzzkill for me. Every time when someone gets into those topics, I lose all interest and only annoyance would arise. One of them … Continue reading

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